CIRCLE stands for: (Creative Integration of Resources for a Cohesive Life for Everyone)

Resources include

  • money
  • time
  • talents
  • networks
  • community resources and supports

Our belief is that everyone has resources to offer and everyone has needs.

Circle’s mission which is to establish quality relationships for the purpose of friendship, support, stability and community. You can get stuff anywhere but not with a positive caring relationship. Our vision is the recycling and sharing of resources for stronger communities through building community, dignity, self respect and relationships.

We value the creation of caring communities by welcoming all, valuing all, supporting all and learning from all.

We try to efficiently redistribute goods and services from individuals, businesses, and churches to individuals and families in need and to communicate availability of resources to community members in need to avoid and minimize the impacts felt by individuals and families in crisis. The faster a family gets on their feet the stronger and healthier our communities are.